This May 5th SUNDAY See you at Birmingham Farmers Market

Sundays May 5 through October 27 from 9 am – 2 pm!

(660 N. Old Woodward (Public Parking Lot #6)


Visit the Birmingham Farmers Market for more than 50 booths featuring:

– locally and regionally grown produce garden plants and flowers
– organics
– fresh prepared foods
– hand crafted items
Farmers Market Horizontal _Apple B. copy– food trucks
– and more!

Our NextHome City Realty Team will be there, and we are happy to gather with you in the community while enjoying entertainment and family-friendly activities.

Birmingham Corn Festival, August 14, 2016, Birmingham Farmer's Market, Birmingham, MI.

It’s easy to leave with a hearty armful of wholesome and healthy goods! Enjoy live music performances while you shop, and this year’s “Kids Zone” promises an enjoyable arts & crafts experience for your little farmers.

Birmingham Corn Festival, August 14, 2016, Birmingham Farmer's Market, Birmingham, MI.

Special Events
Opening Day – Sunday, May 5. Join us as we kick off the 17th season of the Birmingham Farmers Market!
Chef Clash – Sunday, June 23. Birmingham’s top chefs will go head-to-head in a cooking competition live at the market.
Corn Festival – August 11. Featuring all things corn, with special crafts and old-fashioned corn shelling.
Harvest Fest – September 15. Celebrate the bounty of Michigan’s harvest with a petting farm.
End of Season Celebration – October 27. Held in conjunction with the Birmingham Pumpkin Patch & Halloween Parade.

For Volunteer, Vendor, and Sponsor information, or more about the Birmingham Farmers Market, go to www.birminghamfarmersmarket.org



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April 2019 - MVP - Social Media Image B

Top 10 Myths That Trip Up First-Time Home Buyers

If you’re thinking about buying a home, you’ve probably received your share of advice from family and friends. Add to that the constant stream of TV shows, news segments, and social media posts that over-simplify the home buying process for easy entertainment.


With so much information to sift through, it can be tough to distinguish fact from fiction. That’s why we’re revealing the truth behind some of the most common home buyer myths and misconceptions.


Buying a home is a big decision, but it doesn’t have to be a scary one. If you arm yourself with knowledge and a qualified team of support professionals, you’ll be well equipped to make the right choices for your family and financial future.





Myth #1: You need a 20% down payment.

Plenty of buyers are purchasing homes with down payments that are much less than 20% of the total cost of the property. Today, you can buy a home with as little as 3-5% down.

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Our Client Testimonial | 1274 ROUND LAKE Road White Lake, MI 48386

1274 ROUND LAKE Road White Lake, MI 48386

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Paul Mychalowych of Birmingham Realty LLC.dba NEXTHOME CITY REALTY
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Office: 248-686-0024

NextHome City Realty
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NextHome City Realty
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Selling your Southeast Michigan home?

Buying a Southeast Michigan home?

Wallpaper is Back


Whether you love it or hate it, wallpaper is having a moment in the spotlight. This eye-catching trend can be seen everywhere from bathrooms to boardrooms, kitchens to lobbies, coffee shops to your perfect home reading nook. While wallpaper is a huge commitment, for those who love to live boldly it could be the right way to accent a special room.

Here’s a roundup of the top wallpapers right now.

Don’t think of the 1980’s version of floral wallpaper, the modern version is showy and designed to pop.


Retro designs with modern accents can make for throwback wallpaper that still feels current.

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Appealing Your Property Tax Assessment

The deadline for appealing your property tax assessment is quickly approaching!

If you’re curious about how your homes market value stacks up to what the government says it is worth, please feel free to contact me. I’d be happy to give you a current market analysis that you can use as a basis for your argument, should you chose to pursue an appeal.

I have also included a couple of links to related articles.



Appeal Assessments

The procedure for establishing assessed values is mandated by State Law. If your concerns are regarding government procedures and laws, these should be addressed to your State Legislators. Click here for contact information for your State Legislators.


If your concerns are regarding the current year assessed value, please read below:

Q: When can I appeal my property assessment?
A: Property assessments can only be appealed at the March Board of Review. These meetings are held during the second week of March every year. Residents must appear in person to appeal. Protest at the Board of Review is necessary to protect your future right to appeal to the Michigan Tax Tribunal. Owners of commercial or industrial real property may appeal directly to the Michigan Tribunal by filing an appeal no later than May 31. A Board of Review appearance is not required.

Q: I was out of town when the Board of Review was in session and could not make an appeal -what can I do about my assessment?
A: If a protest was not made to the Board of Review while they were in session, no further protests can be made. The tax laws of the State of Michigan are very specific in the requirement of a Board of Review protest.

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It’s easy to look up how much money you have in your savings account or the real-time value of your stock investments. But determining the dollar value of a home is trickier.

As a seller, knowing your home’s worth helps you price it correctly when you put it up for sale. If you price it too high, it may sit on the market. But price it too low and you may be losing out on a good chunk of money (nobody wants that!). For buyers, it’s important to know a home’s worth before you make an offer. You want your offer to be competitive, but you don’t want to overpay for the property.

Even if you’re not a buyer or seller right now, as a current homeowner you might just be curious about the value of your home. Keeping track of your home’s worth year over year helps you understand the trends in your market. So when you are ready to sell, you can take advantage of a good window of opportunity.

The good news is, a trained real estate agent—who understands the nuances of your particular neighborhood—can determine the true market value of your property … and at no cost to you!


When you start the process of buying or selling a home, you’ll frequently hear the words appraised value, assessed value, and true market value. It’s important to know the difference between each one so you can make better, informed decisions.

Appraised Value

A professional appraiser is in charge of determining the appraised value of a home. These appraisals are typically required by a lender when a buyer is financing the property. And while the lender is the one requiring this information, the appraiser does not work for the lender.1 Your appraiser should be an objective, licensed professional who doesn’t have allegiance to the buyer, seller, or lender—no matter who is paying their fee.

The number the appraiser comes up with (the appraised value) assures the lender that the buyer is not overpaying for the property. For example, imagine a seller lists a home for $400,000. They reach a deal with the buyer to sell the home for $375,000. However, if an appraiser evaluates the property and determines that the appraised value is actually $325,000, then the lender will not lend for an amount higher than that appraised value of $325,000.2

When figuring out this number, an appraiser will compare the property to similar homes in your neighborhood, and they’ll evaluate factors such as location, square footage, appliances, upgrades, improvements, and the interior and exterior of the home.

Assessed Value

The assessed value of a home is determined by your local municipal property assessor. This value matters when your county calculates property taxes each year. The lower your assessed value, the less property tax you’ll pay.3

To come up with this value, your assessor will evaluate what comparable homes in the neighborhood have sold for, the size of your home, age, overall condition, and any improvements or upgrades that have been made. However, most assessors don’t have full access to your home, so their information is limited.

Assessments are done annually to determine how much property tax you owe. Many counties use a multiplier (typically between 60%-80%) to calculate the final assessed value. So, if the assessor determines that the value of the home is $300,000, but the county uses a 70% multiplier, the assessed value of the home would be $210,000 for tax purposes.4

If your assessed value isn’t as high as you envisioned, don’t sweat it. Many homeowners appeal their assessment in favor of a lower valuation so that they can save money on property taxes. If you’re interested in appealing your property tax assessment, let us know. We offer complimentary assistance and would be happy to help you build your case.

True Market Value

True market value is established by your real estate agent. It basically refers to the value that a buyer is willing to pay for the property. A good real estate agent is an expert in determining true market value because they have hands-on experience buying and selling properties. They understand the mindsets of buyers in your market and know what they’ll pay for a desirable house, townhouse, or condo.

As a seller, knowing your true market value is important because it helps you choose how much to list your property for. It can also help you decide if you want to make any improvements to your home before putting it on the market. Your agent can help you figure out which updates and upgrades will have the biggest impact on your true market value.


When figuring out your home’s value, you might be tempted to see what popular real estate sites like Zillow, Redfin, and Trulia have to say. When you use an online calculator to determine your home’s value on these sites, it is just an estimate. It’s not an actual appraisal or the “true market value.” These sites all have their own algorithms for coming up with their estimates. For example, Zillow comes up with their “Zestimates” by calculating “public and user-submitted data, taking into account special features, location, and market conditions.” 5

These online estimates can be a great starting point for opening up the conversation with your real estate agent about your home’s worth. But even Zillow recommends that you use a real estate agent for coming up with the actual market value of your home. The site says that once you get your “Zestimate,” you should still get “a comparative market analysis from a real estate agent.”

Having an agent involved in this process is essential because they understand the market better than a computer ever could. They’re showing property in your city every single day, and they know the particular preferences of buyers and sellers in the area. Young professionals, large families, empty nesters, and other groups are all looking for different things in a home. A local agent has most likely worked with all of them, so they understand what every segment in your market is specifically looking for.


So, how does an actual real estate agent determine true market value? They’ll start by doing a comparative market analysis (CMA). This means they’ll compare your home’s features to similar properties in your area. For the CMA, the agent looks at the below factors to influence their assessment of your home’s worth:6

  • Neighborhood sales – Your agent will look at similar, recently sold homes in your neighborhood to see what they sold for and what they have in common with your house.
  • The exterior – What does your home look like from the outside? Your agent will factor in curb appeal, the style of the house, the front and backyard, and anything else that impacts how the house looks to everyone walking and driving by.
  • The interior – This is everything inside the walls of the house. Square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, appliances, and more all influence the overall market value.
  • Age of the home – Whether you have a newer or older home affects the number your agent comes up with as part of their assessment.
  • Style of the home – The style of your home is important because buyers in different markets have different tastes. If buyers prefer ranch-style homes and you have one, then your home may sell for a premium (aka more money!).
  • Market trends – Because a local agent has so much experience in your market, they have their finger on the pulse of your area’s trends and know what buyers are willing to pay for a property like yours.
  • Location, location, location – This one’s probably the most obvious. Your agent will think about how popular the area is, how safe it is, and what schools are like.

A computer algorithm simply can’t take all of these factors into account when calculating the value of your home. The reality is, nothing beats the accuracy of a real estate agent or professional appraiser when it comes to determining a home’s true market value.


Determining a home’s true market value is a real estate agent’s forte. If you’re a seller, your agent will help you find your home’s market value so you can list it at the right price.

For buyers, your agent will help you determine the value so you can come up with a fair offer. Your agent can also set up a personalized home search on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) for you so you’ll receive emails of listings that meet your criteria. This will help you see what’s out there in your city and how properties are being priced.

Get a Complimentary Report With Your Home’s True Market Value

Curious about your home’s true market value? Call us to request a free, no-obligation Comparative Market Analysis to find out exactly how much your home is worth!


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OPEN HOUSE: SUNDAY FEB. 17, 2019 12pm-2pm | 164 BALDWIN Road



OPEN HOUSE:164 BALDWIN Road, Birmingham 48009-1356
SUNDAY FEB. 10, 2019 12pm-2pm
4 BD 2.1 BA 2844 SQ FT
MLS# 218101342 $995,000

Stunning, peaceful location in the most sought after area in Birmingham. This gorgeous home backs up to the Rouge River and is just steps away through trails to the Waterfall and Quarton Lake Park. Spacious and sprawling, this home has unique features such as copper gutters, refinished original hardwood floors throughout entire home, Pewabic tile foyer floor and fireplace surround, and eco friendly dyed cement baths. Dual staircases and a high-end gourmet kitchen with exquisite Vermont Verde Antique marble countertops, new stainless steel appliances and custom lined oak cabinets. The two story great room with it’s custom fireplace boasts a cathedral ceiling and a beautiful wall of windows overlooking the sprawling, private yard and brick paver patio. Custom built-in desk and wall units create a cozy office off the kitchen. So many more unique features you just have to see to believe! Could easily be expanded to over 6000 sq.ft. BATVAI